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Rosie & Finn's Litter Jan 2021

My boyfriend and I have been wanting to bring a puppy into our lives for quite some time. After years of research and being put on year long wait lists with other breeders, we found Westcoastgoldendoods on Kijiji. We were hesitant at first as this was their first litter and we wanted to ensure that we were dealing with a good and legitimate breeder.  Mia thoroughly answered all of our questions and we had a good feeling about her. Going with Westcoastgoldendoods was the best decision we ever made.Mia has been incredible throughout his entire process. She is very responsive, transparent, and puts Rosie’s and the puppies interest first. We know that our little boy, Kenzo, came from a loving and nurturing home. We were so impressed with how many updates we got throughout Rosie’s pregnancy and especially after the puppies were born. She frequently posted photos and videos of Rosie and the puppies and it was reassuring to see that the puppies living quarters was in their own family living room. Even after bringing Kenzo home, Mia has been very supportive and checking in on us to see how Kenzo has been adjusting. She has given us many tips and tricks and even connected us with her breeder friends.We highly recommend Westcoastgoldendoods! Feel free to message me if anyone has any questions. If you would like to see more photos of Kenzo, his IG is @itskenzodood

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